Policy Update:

"Driveline Guarentee" vehicles will now be sold under the YELLOW LIGHT only. "Driveline Guarantee" covers components related to engine, transmission and rear end. "Driveline Guarantee" vehicles are not eligible to have a Post- Sale Inspection purchased.


Arbitration Policy Update

Effective April 7, 2023 in accordance with the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) we will make changes to our arbitration policy to reflect changes made by the NAAA. These changes include:

Any single mechanical defect that has a repair cost of $800.00 or more is subject to arbitration of vehicles sold under qualifying lights.


Not Subject to Arbitration:


Oil leaks that are not actively dripping or visible by inspection. 

Accessories on vehicles over 4 years old, including, but not limited to, Entertainment Systems, Power Windows, Heated Seats, Navigation Systems, Sun/Moon Roof, etc. 


Auction Policies:


Beginning May 1, 2022

We will only offer PSI on GREEN LIGHT vehicles

PSI with 7 Day Guarantee - $100.00

All PSI are automatically completed unless the winning bidder requests no PSI



National Auto Auction Association Arbitration Policy

Perryopolis Auto Auction Policies

Post-Sale Inspection Guide

Structural Damage Policy 2024